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And The Rain Came Pouring Down

May 4, 2018 3:52:00 PM / by Cougar USA Marketing

The story of how Cougar USA dealt with Hurricane Harvey was recently featured in the 2017 Annual Report for Grundfos. The full article can be seen here: And The Rain Came Pouring Down on Houston.

There wasn't anything we or anyone else in Houston, Texas could do to prevent the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, one of the largest and costliest storms to ever hit the United States. However, we could be as proactive as possible to be prepared to serve our customers as soon as possible after the storm.

Prior to Harvey hitting Rockport, Texas and then later camping over our great city, we contacted Grundfos and ordered every MPC booster as well as SL1 sump pumps and motors they had in inventory...anywhere. Grundfos responded by emptying their shelves and sending truckloads of products from both Fresno, California and Chicago, Illinois.

"When Hurricane Harvey made landfall, we were ready to work around the clock to help both people and the city of Houston."

Mike Zacharias

Thanks to our planning, Grundfos' quick response to our requests and great teamwork from everyone involved we were able to help 55 different buildings. From multi-family residential buildings, commercial office buildings and even Houston City Hall, we replaced damaged motors, installed new packaged booster systems, sump pumps and controls.


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