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Flooding in Southeast Texas

Sep 19, 2019 4:51:24 PM / by Cougar USA Marketing

From our friends at Space City Weather: "We’re continuing to track a very intense band of rainfall just north and east of Houston, which has been producing rainfall rates of 2 to 4 inches per hour." READ MORE


Disaster Recovery    

At Cougar USA, we are ready to help in your Disaster Recovery efforts if you need our assistance. Since Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, we have been preparing for similar storms in Texas and along the Gulf Coast. These efforts have led us to maintain a large inventory of sump pumps, vertical multistage pumps as well as motors and control panels. In addition, we have a fleet of Rental Booster Pumps.

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Rental Fleet

We have Domestic Booster Rentals that can serve from a single-story retail building, to a 50-story high-rise, to campus distribution (50-550 GPM, 50-350 PSI Boost). In addition to the Domestic Booster skids, we have Non-Potable pump skids, Plastic Tanks, Fill Stations, Hoses and other accessories. 


Sump Pumps and Controls 

We maintain a large inventory of Sump Pumps, Control Panels and accessories, all ready for immediate shipment or rental. Our Sump Pump rental fleet can cover almost any storm and sanitary sump application. Installation and adaption to existing rail systems is easy with our large stock of Slide Rail Adaptors and custom-fabricated adaptors. The pumps are provided with the factory SO cable for wiring to the existing control panel. 


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